Spay and Neuter

Getting your female pet spayed and your male pet neutered gives them a myriad of benefits they would otherwise not get. With timely pet spay and neuter, females are free from stressful heat cycles and males can have a reduction in aggressive behavior that can sometimes lead to altercations with other pets or animals. Furthermore, the medical benefits are some that are unsurpassed when you give your loyal companion the gift of pet spay and neuter.

When to Get Your Pet Spayed or Neutered

The best time for pet spay and neuter is before reproductive maturity is reached. For cats, this can be as young as four-months old and for dogs this can be as young as five-months old. Imagine having to care for an unexpected litter of puppy or kittens when your pet is still young! Timely pet spay and neuter eliminates the chances for unplanned pregnancies. In males, disruptive habits like urine spraying and marking can be prevented if they’re neutered before mother nature drives them to find a mate and become territorial. We can spay or neuter healthy puppies and kittens as young as eight weeks old and we’re always happy to talk about the optimal time to “fix” your breed. Cats should generally be ready by eight-weeks old, but the traditional age for dogs is between six to nine-months old.

Lengthening and Making Their Lives Happier

Male and female pets are both less likely to become victims of certain cancers by getting spayed and neutered. Roaming behavior is also significantly reduced, making your furry family member less likely of becoming lost or injured. Benefits include:

     1. Breast tumors are less likely to develop in females, which are malignant in most animals.

     2. The chances for prostate disease is decreased in males.

     3. Males are less likely to mount other animals, which can lead to altercations.

     4. The chances for testicular cancer is eliminated in males.

     5. Females are less prone to ovarian and uterine cancer.


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