As of April 1, 2021 we will have cut professional ties with online pharmacies such as Chewy, 1-800-PETMEDS, Walmart, etc. This is due to filling inappropriate dosing of medications, incorrect medications, fake medications, and repeated miscommunication with clients. Because of this we feel that they have not upheld the standards that we deem appropriate. If you still wish to utilize these pharmacies, we will be happy to provide a written prescription and afterwards all communication regarding the prescription is between you and the pharmacy. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Prescription Policy (Effective 04/01/2021)

All prescriptions not filled through our pharmacy in-house or online ( require a written prescription and it is then the owner’s responsibility to send that prescription in themselves. We will not approve prescriptions through outside pharmacies via phone, email, or fax due to liability reasons. All patients are required to have had an exam within the last 12 months to maintain a valid vet-patient relationship for us to continue filling prescriptions. If the pharmacy will not/cannot accommodate a written script, you will need to find a different pharmacy. You may visit our online pharmacy at or call our office to request a paper prescription. Please allow at least 24 hours for your paper prescription to be filled.


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  • "My pup Goon is so afraid at the Vets office.... (he’s a pit bull) I wanted to try an in-home service! And this was perfect... Goon was more comfortable and less stressed in our home than I’ve ever seen him.... the Dr and assistant were professional and put us both at ease! I'll definitely be using this service again and I’ll definitely be recommending it to others... thank you guys so much!"
    Karen Watkins Poeppel

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